Activism, and Scholarship

Association for Jotería Arts,

About Us

Mission and Vision


To nurture queer Latina/o, Chicana/o, and Indigenous individuals and communities through practices that recognize the importance of linking art, activism, and scholarship.


A presence of love
Of healing
Of communing among generations
Of solidarity and imagination
Of self-actualization
Where continuous movement of our minds, bodies, and spirits is encouraged
A world where violence is challenged
Where we voice our pain
Where we heal each other
A world of renewal
A future of abundance
Of transformation
A future where we are autonomous
And free.

We envision a world that affirms Jotería consciousness and that celebrates multiple pathways for generating knowledge, sharing experiences, and becoming catalysts for social change. We seek to live in a world free of all forms of ideological, institutional, interpersonal and internalized oppression.