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Association for Jotería Arts,

​Video: "Quiero que me llames Joto" © DreamersAdrift production in collaboration with Yosimar Reyes, directed and scored by Jesus Iñiguez.
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See Xamuel Bañalez, “Jotería: A Decolonizing Political Project” and Daniel Enrique Pérez, “Jotería Epistemologies” in the Jotería Studies special dossier edited by Michael Hames-García in Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies. 39:1 (Spring 2014).

What does Jotería Mean?



  1. queer Latina/o, Chicana/o, and Indigenous people.
    "People, listen to what your Jotería is saying.” - Gloria Anzaldúa
  2. a reclaimed term of empowerment, derived from the derogatory terms “Joto” and “Jota” which have been used historically to describe people of Mexican descent who do not fit heteronormative standards.


  1. relating to or supporting queer Latina/o, Chicana/o, and Indigenous people “Did you see the Jotería art exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art? 
  2. a decolonial queer/feminist sensibility and politics, a mode of seeing, thinking, and feeling geared towards empowerment and social transformation.“Our school district is developing a Jotería curriculum that connects issues of gender and sexuality with environmental racism in Latino communities.”